Friday, April 30, 2010

Coupons and (inter)National Scrapbook Day

It's that time again!  As you know by now if you follow this blog, I don't wait until all the coupons are in but update the weekly post as each coupon/ad comes in!  So you might want to check back often if you are going out shopping! So here goes:


Click here  to view the ad I got from Hobby Lobby this week. Their Coupon, which is for 30% off Krylon spray paint, is here.  The complete ad for this week is here.  Last week I forgot to look at their full size ad and nearly missed out on their $0.99 sale on Simplicity Patterns!

They have some real interesting coupons this week.  One is for 25% off your entire purchase Midning Madness May 2nd only.  There is a 50% off May 8th only and a 40% off you can use all this week! (2-7 May) You can go print your coupons here.

Click here and here  for the two ads I got from Archivers this week. Unfortunately there is no online coupon as Archivers snail mail newsletter hit the mailboxes this week.

MICHAELSClick here for the Ad and here for the 40% off 1 regular item and 55% of framing coupons.

ONLINE DEALS - 17% of everything in the store use code NSD2010 - use coupon code NSD2010 for 20% good through Sunday May, 2nd. - This one is too hard for me to explain, lol! So here is what they wrote! The Totally Crazy Coupon Sale Begins at Midnight Mountain Time on Saturday, May 1st. Coupon Codes begin at 50% off your full order and decline by 5%. There are a limited number of codes available in each increment. Once the codes have been used up they will no longer be available. Place your order and at the check out screen enter the coupon code, the one that works is the discount you get. Of course you'll want to start with the biggest code first to see if you can score the biggest discount. The codes are:
NSD50, NSD45, NSD40, NSD35, NSD30, NSD25, NSD20, NSD15, NSD10
Bonus - The first 15 shoppers to place an order for products (after discount and not including shipping) of $40 or more will receive a FREE Karen Foster Tote Bag. - 20% off everything!

DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING Many items at only $1 - Enjoy 50% off almost all art and 25% off prints!

I'll keep on updating this post as things come in!


Teresa said...

That's a LOT of deal that you are passing along to us....thank you so much :-)
LOVE your card... you always make the coolest cards.
Can't wait to see your dollhouse all painted and are one busy girl.
Have a great weekend :-)