Friday, March 19, 2010


I've made the committment to "Triump" this year.  Triumph is a big word, it is an unequivocal word. It is not about trying to do this or get to that. You have to "DO" to triumph! You can't sort of triump, you do or you don't! Failure to start, finish or do your best does not lead to triumph. But triumph leads to feeling good about yourself!  Triumph is Rocky Balboa with his hands in the air and a huge smile on his swollen, beat up face!  Triumph is an Olympic Bronze medal in women's skating by a young woman who turned her grief at losing her mom just days before, into a celebration of everything her mon (and dad) sacrificed so that she could be on the podium!  Triumph is a red haired daredevil doing an intricate trick in snowboarding, not because he needed it to win, but because he needed it to feel like he had not only surpased his peers, but himself! Yes indeed, triumph is a beautiful, sweet word!

So today I write about triump and achieving something in such a way that you are at least a hero in your own eyes!  And that my friends is the hardest thing for some of us! Today, I got up and was at the gym by 8am for the 3rd time this week, and that was sweet! Tonight, I will go to sleep knowing that I am one small step closer to achieving some of my goals. Today I triumphed over my own inertia and scrapbooked some female birthday cards.