Thursday, March 18, 2010

For Info - Make the Cut 15% off sale Good Till 21st

Make the Cut has decided to run the 15% off coupon until the 21st and will go off the air at 11:59 PM Eastern. The coupon code is "MTC311".  That brings the software down to $69.59

Make The Cut! Version 2.2.1

They are releasing version 2.2.1 of Make The Cut! This version will allow users to cut with a majority of the other die-cut machines out there. There is more information on the MTC forum. One more thing, there is never any charge for upgrades to Make The Cut! And I can personally attest that their customer service is awesome!  I wrote in with a question at 8pm last night and had an answer just past 1:30 am Eastern from the CEO. I mentionned that I bought the software a day before they started the sale and wondered about downloading from the internet while I waited for the CD version to come in.  The email contained a link for me to download the software and the assurance that my credit card had been credited $12 to cover the difference in price!  Sweet!!!  Thanks Andy!  I'd heard about the great service and now I knowfor myself that it's true!
Oh and here is one of the YouTube videos that made me decide that this was a piece of software worth getting! If you're convinced that you need the softwarem, then please use my link with the coupon code MTC311!  For the record, this is advanced, but I wanted you to see what the newer version looks like.  The video shows BETA version 2.3.1. Once you watch this you realize the posibilities and how you can divorce yourself from buying catridges! In my opinion, that makes getting the software a smart move, especially now that it will work with the various cutting machines!

Craft Robo

Craft Robo Pro
Pink Wishblade
Blue Wishblade
Gazelle "lookalikes": FunCut, and CutOK

Stay tuned for new video's from yours truly! I hope to make them as I learn to use the software and my son and I also hope to create both free and special file libraries that will work with the MTC software!