Monday, January 04, 2010

My Word for 2010

I need a very strong word for this year because it is going to be a big awesome year where I do new things, meet new people, cement old friendships and triumph over things and emotions that have held me back in the past! So if you haven't guessed yet, my word for 2010 is... drum roll please... TRIUMPH! It is a beautiful word filled with smiles and joy and exuberance! It is a successful word, you triumph, when you've made it, you've achieved it, you've beaten it, whatever "it" is! Now to create a scrapbook page that will do my word justice. Before I forget, the picture is apparently of the Triumph staircase. Really???

Did you know that my scrapbook page with last year's word was on the set of a TV commercial? Yup, so although in hindsight I don't think last year's word, embrace, was at all good for me, it did end up on TV, and I guess that was in itself a triumph of sorts ;)

I am curious about you out there, reading this. Do you have an inspiration word for 2010? If so what is it and what was your word for 2009? Does your word actually have an impact on your life?

Oh and before I forget, have you looked in the right hand column lately to see who is our latest winner???


Lynne said...

I like you're idea of having a yearly word to strive for. I have a few mind. First to come to mind is "kindness." Then I thought patience might be a good one and then I thought "smile" might be a good one too. I'm going to have to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lynne!
I didn't have a word for 2009, but maybe I need one for 2010. something inspirational. I need to accomplish some unfinished things (projects, and household stuff) this year, and I have things I would like to participate in and places I want to go. Maybe "Strive" would be a good word for me? :)

Anonymous said...

Never had a word for the year, but if I had to come up with one it would be "reduce". If I reduced a lot of things I would be a very happy person, so is my word. Anxious to here about your meeting today.

Love ya

Britten said...

I'm going to potty-train two 2-year olds this year. So my 2010 word is "patience" lol. (Maybe it should be "mop" or "laundry" ??!!)