Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Really is Autumn

The last time I really saw and felt Autumn, I lived in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Given that I left there in the spring of 2006, my last real autumn would have been in the fall of 2005. While it was dark and dreary outside in Northern Kentucky this morning, it is also crisp and dry. I think my son would be in 7th heaven if he were here! Just his kind of day!

I must say though that there is little change in the leaves, at least not compared to what I was used to in Ottawa or even Montreal. (See picture of Ottawa in the fall. I worked 5 minutes away from where this picture was taken, at National Defense Headquarters, the Canadian equivalent of the Pentagon). Here in Northern Kentucky, at least where I am, the trees turn a little red and brown, but basically they seem to wither and fall off before they can turn all those magnificent colors that make a person say wow!

I've been doing a lot of stuff recently. I finished my recipe cards for the next round and my Christmas cards for the Hilltop swap. I'm not sure if I should post my card here yet, or wait till everyone gets theirs. They all look the same except that on some I used silver accents and others gold. The recipe is divine, though it calls for a candy thermometer which can be purchased for less than $10 in most places. Hopefully that will not be a turn off for the people that get the recipe. Think of it as an opportunity to go and buy a new gadget! Michaels actually had one here at $14+ but I had a 40% off coupon! The recipe is one that my mother in law makes and believe me it is worth the effort! Of course that doesn't tell you what the recipe is, except that it must be candy, or else why, the candy thermometer. Why indeed?

I have almost finished part of my project for my YMCA classes next week and will post more on that tomorrow. Because a person really should not be idle, I am also working on a couple of sweaters for my nieces, Rachel and Lindsay to give as Christmas gifts. Well that's it from Kentucky for tonight!

Don't forget to forgive what you can't forget!


Monkey Girl said...

You have been busy! Can't wait to see everything :)Love the picture! That is one thing that I miss about the north is the changing of the leaves. Don't miss the snow that much though :) Love your saying!!

Anonymous said...

You are a very busy girl. How is your shoulder? we are having a little cooler weather. It was 73 on my way home from work and little humidity..is was wonderful. Dont know if you have chatted with Angie or Britton this week or not. Angie found meetup for us the Valrico Scrapbook addicts.it was at that new bowling alley there in Riverview.
We all had a good time and also Nancy was there too. Sharon

cowchipper said...

haven't commented in awhile. thought I would drop in and say hey!!

Lynne said...

When was the idle part? The part where you're resting your shoulder?

Scrapping Mom said...

I love Fall, it is my favorite time of year, even though I have never lived anywhere that had all 4 seasons, we usually try to travel North in October, but won't be able to this year. Hope you are well, thanks for the beautiful picture! PS: It is really nice weather here today, woke up to 58 degrees! Becky

Anonymous said...

What a gorgous picture. We were in Canada about this time of year...beautiful!

I like your quote/saying at the end of your blog entry.

Hugs to my buddy,

Marie Laurence said...

C'est beau l'automne, ici en Virginie ca commence seulement a "roussir"...certains arbres ont les couleurs de l'automne, mais dans l'ensemble ca reste toujours vert.
Au retour en Floride, ce sera comme c'est toujours...c'est a dire sans saison.

Kari said...

Hi M-C! I took one of your classes at Scraptopia this past year, and ran into at Michaels before you moved out of Brandon. I just noticed that you mentioned you lived in Little Rock, Arkansas and left the Spring of 2006...I also lived in Little Rock (went to college there) and left to move to Florida in the Spring of 2002. :)
I hope you are enjoying the fall weather in your neck of the woods.


CapeScrapper said...

That really is a "wow" picture!