Monday, June 15, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow

Tomorrow's a dream away... and so is my craftroom!!!

Well we close on the house tomorrow and I can't wait. Only one disappointment, our furniture has been held up in Clearwater and won't be here until Saturday. That part really sucks, but apparently I should have expected it. Really?

Two notes to self, never believe or use a second tier moving company (Arpin) again and never if you have enough to fill a whole truck, think you're doing yourself a favor by not filling up the whole truck! You may think it is better, but it means that they may load and unload your stuff more than once and that they will wait to move your stuff until it is convenient for them financially, rather than to meet your deadline. And so we get to sleep in the dorm for another few days, though I personally am eyeballing that blowup queen size mattress in my car and know for sure that I'm going to baptize that new tub tomorrow with some lavender scented bubbles!


Monkey Girl said...

Love that craft room! Can't wait to see it all decorated :) Sorry to hear about your furniture not being there.

Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

Woo hoo! As I type this, you are probably signing your name a kajillion times :) Congrats!! We moved into our house without any furniture and slept on air mattresses for over a week. It was STILL better than the noisy military apartment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I am so ecited for you!!


Anonymous said...

that's "excited"...I guess my fingers were excited for you, too

LOL Janie

Lynne said...

I say blow up that mattress! From someone who just slept on one for 5 nights. It wasn't my bed, but it was WAY better than the foam one at our cabin. So, a blow up mattress in your nice quiet ant free home should be sounding good about now.

DART said...

I think the last time I talked to you (awhile ago at RCS)you were moving too! Just been blog hoppin' and ended up here via Tabby...nice to 'see' ya again! Hope all is good and that your move went well!