Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One Day To Walk Through

One day to walk through and one week to closing! I can't wait, honest I can't! You do believe me, don't you? This morning Hubby and I woke up to ants swarming in the bedroom portion of our dorm apartment. They were right on the window sill closest to our beds and thankfully we saw them before they got anywhere with crumbs or food! For all of you out there considering a return to dorm life, don't forget to pack the Raid, LOL! Hubby rushed out to get some, while I was tasked with containing the invasion! After a while it occurred to me that I might buy some time until Hubby got back by spraying Fantastic on the sill. Plus, as an added bonus, it would make the sill nice and clean when I wiped it up. It worked! We are now, at least for the moment, ant free and we have the prospect of the place being sprayed by the exterminators either this week or next week, probably after we leave. The exterminator apparently comes here every other week! Really, and here I was old that there was no need for pest control in Northern Kentucky!

I had my second physio appointment today. They worked on my neck, shoulder and elbow! Hopefully the conservative approach will work and I won't need any kind of surgery! But the jury is still out. The physio therapists will decide next week or perhaps the week after that, if I need to go back to the Dr for an MRI to see if here is in fact a tear in the rotator cuff that requires surgical repair.

I also visited poor little Nuku, our remaining kitty, at the vets where she is being boarded. Poor little girl, she is not used to being caged or having her little nervous system assaulted by the sound and smells of all those people and animals. I took her out into one of the treatment rooms and basically she spent the whole time I was there, right next to me, needing to be petted. We will have a huge petting deficiency to make up for when we finally get her back into a house with us next Wednesday.

This past weekend I went to the LSS (local scrapbook store) and made some "We are Moving Again" cards to send out as soon as I know what our new phone number will be. Sunday I went to a crop at Archivers and made friends with the lady sharing my table. I'm meeting Charlene at Archivers again on Friday for some female friend making and a little more scrapping.

Some of you know that I am working on a baby book. For the first time ever, I decided to start the book before the baby was born, rather than wait till after when we might be sure of the sex. I did this because my DSIL was assured that they were expecting a boy and that the proper difference teller, though tiny, was so she was told in evidence. Well either that little boy is shy or he is a she! So now, I'm waiting to hear again, before I do another thing, LOL! Oh well thankfully most of the pages are themed based on the holiday the month is known for rather than being pink or blue. That does help for a few of the pages!

Did I mention I can't wait to get into the new house and that I've heard from the owner of Scraps Etc and she is interested in my teaching at her store(s)?


CathyR said...

Good luck with your walk through. I hope everything goes well.

My hubby found an ant yesterday and we live on the 7th floor! I thought that was one thing we didn't have to worry about.

I'm glad you are already meeting people and I hope you do get to teach classes at the lss.

Lynne said...

Sounds like you're getting right into the new environment... ants and all. That will be great if they want to teach your class. Remember to take it easy with your shoulder.

Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

The wait is the WORST especially when it's close, right? I'm glad you've found a scrappin' home, too. Lucky ducks! Will you have movers bringing your stuff into the house?

Alicia said...

MC! Yay! I'm so happy for you that it's getting close to moving time! Well, I know you don't want to move all of your stuff in and unpack/organize it (nor can you!). But getting out of the dorm and leaving your 6-legged roommates behind will feel like luxury. Of course Nuku will be the happiest one about the move. I'm sure she won't mind at all to stick with your left side since you won't be doing much petting with the right arm. ;)
Speaking of your arm, I saw that you might not need surgery. YAY! I mean, either way you have a long road to recovery, but it's so great to hear that that road might not involve scalpels.
It's also good to hear that you are herding up more scrapping friends...not that I am surprised at all. I hope you do get to teach, because you are a wonderful teacher. I went to a class this weekend, and it was my first non-MC class. What a difference! I didn't realize how magnificent of a teacher you are until I went outside of my MC box. :)
Take care!

Scraplin said...

Oh so close but yet not close enough! I can feel your excitement and I wish you a good luck with the final walkthrough. Ants are pesky little critters.. i have had to deal with them myself.

haha! funny...my word verification below says "inestb"
The ant said , "I nest b cuz I want to see M-C!" Bwahahah!