Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our First SAM

Well we are finally packing it up and shipping it out. Well at least part one. We expect to need at least 3 of these! I picked SAMs for their construction and service reputation, but I somehow missed that they are not kept flat through the whole process. They are loaded on something very similar if not identical to those tow trucks that lift the whole car on the flatbed, which means that during loading and unloading they are more vulnerable to slippage. That did freak me out but not enough to send it back and go with another company. What I did do is go out and bought rachet straps to use on the inside.

Speaking of the inside it is easy to see what you are doing, it is smooth and there are a lof of anchoring points. This SAM will be picked up Monday and the next one I suspect is a few weeks out still.

Everyday I am working and packing but most of my stuff will go ino the second SAM so the main packing time will be in three weeks time. Luckily, my buddy Janie has been very flexible in allowing me to steal a couple of hours here and there to do something with her and get away from the pressure. We did go to our favorite scrapbook stores during the treasure hunt for example, but I only went to 6 over a three day period.

Have I mentionned that I can't wait to be in a more quiet and settled stage, so that I can spend some time with all my friends before moving north?


CathyR said...

Oh boy packing. Not one of my favorite things. I guess that is one reason we have always had the moving company do it.

Good luck.

Kenda said...

Oh wow, that would kinda freak me out too. LOL Good luck with all your packing, not something I envy.

Alicia said...

Weeeeell, since you posted this blog on the 14th, and it is almost the 18th now, I am SURE Rick has those scary, tilted SAMS full with his stuff, with just enough space for your stuff!
Right, and you also bought winning lotto tickets. :p
Don't worry girl, you will get through this! Moving has to be the biggest pain in the neck ever, but just think about how AWESOME your new house will be. Yay! Of course, I will have to make a visit to KY just to make sure the house is as cozy as you say. :)