Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fast or Slow?

Have you ever been in a time warp? Or maybe it is a warped time period, where the time is both too fast and too slow? Sometimes I feel like that is the story of my life right now! I need to tidy things up, but so does Rick and his stuff needs to go first.

I want to have my scrapbook buddies over, but I can't because I've started packing and stacking and every single room in our home is a mess. Somehow that isn't the way I normally do things so I'm a little thrown off. At the same time I'm both excited to see the tangible signs that our new home is being built and eager to be settled into it, but I actually am really sad to be moving further from my son and leaving so many good friends behind, again!

On the positive side, Rick should be done with most of his stuff this week allowing me to get on with everything else that needs to be done. As you can see I've gotten pictures of the footings being poured on the new house in Hebron, KY from that very awesome lady, Ginger. Thanks, Ginger! It is so sweet of her to go out there and take the pictures. It really allows me to feel part of the process and keep focused on the final outcome.

Yesterday Rick and I went to Orlando where Rick and Shaun went to see Watchman, while I went to a scrapbook store and cropped the afternoon away with a bunch of really nice ladies! If you are ever in Orlando, do go and visit the "Scrapbook Boutique". They had the newest products, the lady working there was very helpful and the store is really well put together. I had a great time! Thanks Ladies!

My son then took us out for dinner at Nelore's Brazilian Steak House. That place is great and do go and check out the restaurant's website, Shaun designed it. Shaun and Will his boss seem to compliment each other very well and Will's firm Royall Media is growing despite these difficult time. It's a testament to Will's business sense and Shaun's creativity.


CathyR said...

I sympathize with you M-C. Moving and leaving good friends is the pits. I've done it too many times.

It is good of Ginger to send you pictures of your new home in progress.

Good luck with the packing.

Monkey Girl said...

It's so neat to see your house being built. It was very nice of Ginger to send you the pictures. It will be very cool for you to scrap.

The site that your son designed is really good! I enjoyed looking at it.

have fun packing or not fun as the case may be. I never did like packing :)

Lynne said...

WOW M-C how fun to watch your house being built from the ground up. I got in on the tail end of mine and got to pick colors for everything. I did enjoy that. You'll have a blast making this house a home.

Kenda said...

Wow, I'm impressed that the house has started so soon!