Monday, October 27, 2008

I Got Tagged by Teresa

I got tagged by Teresa and I'm tagging my fellow friendly bloggers, Deb R, Marie-Laurence, Lynne M, Crystal W, and Linda C


5 years ago ...
1. I was enjoying my pool in Parrish, FL
2. I had just discovered scrap stuff other than CM
3. I was contemplating opening my own scrapbook store
4. We were getting ready for a trip to DC... we are doing that again this year!
5. My car, which I no longer own had somehow gotten thousands of flecks of paint on it from a house that was being spray painted in the neighborhood.

5 Things on today's "to do" list ...
1. Finish my perpetual 4x4 mini calendar
2. Cut out a second set of Xmas cards to serve as a template for the other sets that I need to cut out for one of the classes that I'm giving at Scraptopia on the Nov 15.
3. Watch TV (Dancing with the Stars, the Rays game etc)
4. Sew the sweater I finally finished knitting. It's for my little nephew for Christmas
5. Email Carol B and apologize profusely for not getting back to her sooner! Sorry Carol!

5 Snacks I enjoy ....
1.Chocolate (I'd say chocolate 5 times but...)
2.Ginger Snaps
3. chips (all kinds)
4. Granny Smith apples
5. Those big sour smarties (did you know that in Canada smarties are more like M&Ms)

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire ...
1. Pay off our house
2. Update the floors at our house
3. Buy my son a house in Orlando
4. Pay off my car
5. Help my brother out

5 places I have lived ...
1. Quebec City, QC, Canada (I was born there)
2. Paris, France
3. Montreal and suburbs
4. North Little Rock, Arkansas
5. Tampa Bay area of Fl (St Pete, Parrish and Riverview)

5 jobs I have had ...
1. Blood Taker at the Montreal General Hospital (didn't last long, I just can't stand hurting people)
2. Secretary Searle Pharmaceuticals, Montreal.
3. Canadian Armed Forces (25 years Private through Major)
4. PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Tampa (taught Oracle financials and the company's structure)
5. Arthur Anderson in Sarasota for a year before they got Enron-ed. (IT manager)

Wow that's more about me than I usually tell most people and on my blog... I'm losing my mind! If you find my mind, please be so kind as to return it. I'll even pay the COD if I remember, haha!


Cathy said...

Hey I like learning more about you.

You are going to post pictures of your 4 x 4 mini perpetual calender when it is finished aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Coucou, desolee je n'ai pas trouve ce que tu se perdu.
I didn't find what you lost ! lol !
Have a wonderfull day.
Marie Laurence

Scraplin said...

I was looking for what you lost, and might have found my own! haha!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed learning more about my friend.