Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Oh my gosh can it be that we are already October 31st? I can't believe that time has moved so quickly! Well it's time to share again! I completed two challenges this month, a 2 page Halloween layout using a punch (the black cats) and the colors orange, purple and green as well as the October Christmas Card Challenge.

I think November is the last month for the Christmas Card Challenge. I guess with all the cards I made, I better start addressing the envelopes! It's been fun and I have Lynne to thank for making so many cards this year. On the other hand, it's been pretty difficult making over 80 different cards, and I must admit that the last batch took me a long time to get done, LOL!

Here are the cards:

Some of these are part of the card class I'm giving at Scraptopia on the 15th, which is why I'm not showing them individually. Once the class is past, I'll tell you which one of this batch is my favorite. And I do have a definite favorite! I'm also working on a sweater form my DMIL. So far I really love the effect of the two yarns I decided to put together to make it. Hopefully my MIL will also enjoy it and it will fit properly! Well that's it for this week! I have an all day crop tomorrow that starts at 9:30 and I need to email Lynne to let her know that these have been uploaded. For some reason, I'm having a hard time posting to the RCS newsgroup!

Have a great weekend!!!


Lynne said...

Great job on your LOs. The colors are so pretty and vibrate. Of course the subjects of your photos helped with that. ;)

Your Christmas cards a beautiful as always. Did you really make every card this year different? That's another challenge of it's own.

Scraplin said...

Congrats on getting your LO challenge done. I just waited too late and ran out of time. I love the colors on your LO and the kiddos are too cute!

Miss Crystal said...

I love you page M-C! It is so fun. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous! Great job getting them finished.

CathyR said...

I love your layouts M-C , pretty. The cards are beautiful. How could you pick a favorite?

Anonymous said...

I saw all of these items in person, folks, and the cards really don't show their beauty and creativity as well as they do in person. They are all very special!

However, the Halloween layout did photograph well. I think the color combo is very creative.