Thursday, April 04, 2013

Little Me Layout

Sometimes projects come together in a very strange way. My friend Charlene scored some beautiful lace and was willing to share. I wanted to create a layout that would do the lace justice. I know that is kind of the opposite of how we normally do things.  Funnier still is that the last thing I looked for was the picture!

I can thank my brother for digging this one out. I'm especially grateful to him because due to fires and floods (that is a whole other story) I didn't have any pictures of myself that young and only a couple of myself before the age of 30. Strange that in this one picture  I'm wearing an outfit that matched the look and feel and the color of the lace! I did not change the color of the outfit in any way.

This is a very lacy, layered look. All but the lace under the actual flower is Vintage lace. The peachy coral is the lace I received from Charlene. The buttons are from Websters Pages and I hoarded them for a very long time!

Here is a closer look at the lace and flower.

As for the photo corners, they are from Michael's and were originally silver. One I dried them with my heat gun, I put a coat of gesso on them  and dried them with the heat gun. Once dry I sprayed them several times with my Lindy's Stamp Gang Cocklebells Coral  drying them with the heat gun between coats. Finally I touched the corners very lightly with the daubber head of my Picket Fence Distress paint to ensure the raised portions and the edges stood out more.

I really do have fun doing this! Thanks for stoping by and have a super day!



Sandie Edwards said...

You certainly done the lace beautiful. The flower is exquisite. Enjoy your weekend...

M-C said...

Thanks Sandie! How are things downunder?

Christine said...

This is gorgeous! Even more precious because its a rare and cherished photo. I too had the same my mom and grandma had fires thus not many baby pcs of me. I got one from my Godmother a few years ago and the movers lost a few of my boxes....that picture in frame lost. ;(.

So happy your brother fished it out it is simply gorgeous. Tfs!