Monday, February 04, 2013

Organizing my Spectrum Noir pens in the Ultimate Pen Organizer

I did, I broke down and ordered a complete set of these, all 14 trays, perfect for organizing all 168 of my spectrum Noir pens. Once I cascaded them together with two trays next to each other, I started filling it with pens.  But since I'm a practical sort at heart, I decided to search and see if I could find how someone else had put all their pens! Why re-invent the wheel, if someone had put their pens in a way that made sense to me.  I did not find anything. So here is how I did mine, just in case my way makes sense to you and saves you a bit of time.

Here are all my pens at a glance.  You can click on the picture for a larger image.  You will note that the JD (greens are sitting in the first row going down of the second tray. I actually moved the pens around quite a bit to figure it all out. At least for me, finding the pens is now pretty intuitive. If you are wondering about the white thing under the trays, I just placed that there so that I could move the trays from one table to another for taping! You will find a video I made at the bottom of this post!

Here is the left side with the greys, the blues and the tans:

Here is the right with the pinks, reds, oranges, and purples:

And here is the middle where I placed my greens to split the two sides visually:

As promised here is the video explaining the where and the why of my pen placement:

Before I forget, this storage system works for a number of markers, copic, pros as well as other items such as cosmetics. I really hope that this will have helped someone and saved them a bit of time!  

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Linda said...

Have been thinking for ages about how to sort out my spectrum noir pens.
You've taken out the hard work for me.
Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this.
I was scratching my head as to the best way to order them when I came across your video on You Tube - problem solved !!
A very grateful English card maker.
Emma Woodrow.

Stacey Coley said...

Thank you for posting how you organize your spectrum noir markers. I recently purchased the entire collection and was wondering how best to sort them.. :) Thanks!!!

Avis Anderson said...

You ARE awesome! Just ordered the pens and trays for my 14 year old granddaughter who has been wanting the Copics. I would like to also get her the reinkers but can't seem to find out where to order them. Your video was super helpful and I know others appreciate all the work you went to - to share this with your fans!

Anonymous said...

Avis, I too had a problem finding the re-inkers. I finally found them on Quite a few are out of stock but they have a shipment coming in June so they suggested I re-order end of June. :) You can use PayPal too.

Tina Harshbarger said...

Not sure if you care to share but I made this from your video... its a printable color chart, with the markers in order as in your video, I've added the comparable COPIC number for those I could find and it leaves space to add color from your marker. No cost or anything, just sharing my own resources in our love for coloring!