Sunday, October 02, 2011

Coupons & Updates - Week of Oct 2-8, 2011

Coupon Update: 
ARCHIVERS - A new 30% off coupon good until October 9th for Archiver's came in by email.
In addition, Archiver's sent out coupons via a snail mail delivered pamphlet.

Click here for this week's AC Moore coupons and flyer.
Click here for a 30% off one item coupon good until October 2nd. For those of you in love with these, they have announced here that they have Smash Books in!

Not sure why these guys always send me one day sale emails and only onece a week at that! But here is the link!

Here is the latest email that I've received from HL with their ONLINE specials. And click here for the IN STORE specials! The coupon is 40% off any one item.

Here is my latest sharable email from JoAnn's. It includes a 40% off coupon.

Go to their interactive weekly ad and see what they have in store for you this week! This weeks email is here!


LION BRAND YARNClick here to view my lates email from Lion Brand.

NEWS: Can time ever be wated? Or are there always lessons being learned from everything? Since last Monday, I've been on anti-biotics, a corticosteroid and an inhaller. The next big question my doctor wants answered is: is it only bronchitis, or have I developped asthma. All I know if that not too much got accomplished this week and a whole lot of things that were important to me had to be cancelled, including vendoring at a local charity crop held this weekend. But hey, life goes on and this coming week... will be better, has to be better, right? I will post what I did get done, separately!

Thought for the Week: No one but me can decide how I will meet the challenges and blessings of the week ahead. So what will I do; embrase them, work on them and learn from them, or whine that I am a victim? What about you, my beautiful friend? How will you deal with what destiny has in store?

Have a great week!


Legal blah, blah: For the record, by posting the coupons here, I am not endorsing any of the stores, just including them for your convenience and mine! Nor do I purport to have listed everything or not made a mistake.


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