Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Great Week

Busy weeks can be great weeks!  With most of my prep work done for my Group of 6 Layout class on Friday night, I was able to just have fun on Wednesday with Charlene!  We just scrapped and enjoyed each other's company, went out and had Thai for lunch and had dinner at Beef o'Brady's. The Thai food at Spice was just great, the burger at Beefs, not so great!! In fact, it was the worst burger I've had in a very long time! Oh well, it probably was just a fluke and I'll give them another chance in the coming months! Oh BTW, I worked on an ATC for a swap.  The twist was that I couldn't use any paper. Here is what it looks like.  I'll explain how I made this in more detail on Friday, during the Artsy Addict Technique Blog Hop. Stay Tuned!

Thursday I accompanied Hubby to his work and enjoyed the company of some of the wonderful people that I have met over the last couple of years! It was really wonderful to speak with some of the Deans, fellow scrapbooker and prof Sharlene B, the very personable and kind Barry and the two lovely ladies who I went to Canada with just a few weeks ago, Andrea and Brandis! 

As I mentionned earlier, Friday was my group of six layout class and I had a great time.  I really enjoy meeting with these wonderful and dedicated teachers and coming up with ideas for layouts for them to do each month!

As for Saturday I picked up my friend Charlene and went to Simply Scrapbooks in Kittering, OH where I met up with Tina, Gina and Melissa to take a couple of classes with Kimber McGray!  You can see the cards we made on Kimber's blog, here! We had a great time and went home with some really pretty cards!

L to R: Melissa, Kimber, Tina and Gina

Kimber and Charlene at Simply Scrapbooks
One more thrill this week, my great friend Kate I is expecting!  After 11 years of marriage, she and her hubby Larry were finally blessed!  I am so totally excited for her!  Kate I hope that Larry waits on you hand and foot and that baby treats his mom well over the next few months.  Well after that too, LOL!

This week was my buddy, April's birthday!  Happy birthday, April, you look awesome!

I was speaking with two people on A Little Scrap of Heaven today and they became new subscribers to the blog!  Hi to Becca and Rachel!

A la prochaine, mes amis!


Carole RB said...

Bonsoir M-C

J'aime beaucoup ton ATC, très jolie!

Bonne semaine

Teela said...

Well, another week has past and I still haven't started packing! Not sure where we're moving so I can't get motivated. Hope you have a great weekend and as usual, I'm grateful for your postings and coupons!