Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting Plastic

I really wanted to lighten up my scrap room a little and the ugly black clip-it-ups and the grey multi drawer organizer and the white  and black ribbon boxes just were not making me feel happy anymore!  And surely you know tha there is nothing more important in a creative space than to feel very happy, though it is likely that for some unhappiness also works!  But unhappiness inspires me to write poetry and songs, not make pretty scrapbook pages, and minis!  So I decided to paint all these plastic things! I'm sure many of you have done that, but for those of you who haven't it can really be a great thing and you can repaint the same items over and over again, simply by using a spray plastic primer.  Of course you can also use Krylon Plastic Paint.  The Clip-it-Ups, multi-drawer and single drawer green chest and the aqua colored ribbon boxes were all primed first. The pink, yellow and green ribbon boxes were not primed. I used Krylon plastic paint on those!

Green Clip It Up

Aqua Clip-it-Up

Pink Clip-it-Up

Green multi drawer painted plastic organizer

Pink and green and blue and yellow and aqua, Oh My!

Looks Good even up close!

Even those black office stackable drawers can be painted!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


Carole RB said...

Bonjour M-C

Quelle bonne idée tu as eue de peinturer. Ça permet de se faire un beau décor. Je n'aurais jamais penser que l'on pouvait peindre du plastique.

Ça te fera un très bel atelier. Bravo.

Passe une belle semaine

Teela said...

very cool project, M-C. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Oh wow!! I do like the colors and never even thought about painting the plastic boxes. What a great idea. I want to make changes in my craft room, may have to lift some of your ideas.

Melissa said...

How cool is that!!! I now have so many things in my room to paint. I never would have thought of this. Have you ever painted canvas? I have some dark blue canvas bins that I want to paint to match my room.....

Barb:o) said...

Very pretty! What a cleaver little thing you are!

Lynne said...

Everything looks great MC! I love finding colored things for my craft room. Never occurred to me to paint some of the things. I might have to look around and see if there is anything that I'll need to paint.

Sandi said...

I am dazzed by your painted craft room, wow, wow, wow. I love everything you do! I also love the updates on the coupons.
ps I want to enter your giveaway.

Anonymous said...

what a refreshing change...you and pastels??...surprising....You must be in a springtime mood! I like it!

Anonymous said...

the previous post by "anonymous" was me....Janie

Linda curley said...

I love those springtime colors you used..it really does brighten it up a lot! Looks Great!!

Plastic Painter said...

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