Friday, March 04, 2011

I haven't Disappeared, Honest!

I know, I can't seem to keep up with anything or anyone the way I'd like to these days! Have the days gotten shorter? Either they did or my interests have just gotten broader, but at any rate I always feel that there is so much I want to do, look at and read about that often, at the end of the day, I have nothing tangible to show for the day other than the house being clean and the beds and laundry being done!

A couple of weeks ago hubby dragged me along for a nice, if very short, trip to Canada. We went to London Ontario for three days, soI really didn't get to see anyone I knew!  We flew from the Cincinnati airport (CVG), which is actually in Hebron, Kentucky to London (Ontario) via Toronto. As you can see from the very enhanced and brightened picture of Toronto I took from the airplane, we were not flying in on a bright sunny day! Now there was something that I found a little weird!

We flew Air Canada, and believe it or not, all but one leg of the trip was in a prop plane? Yes you heard me right, a plane with propellers, not jet engines! I can't remember the last time I did that, in fact I can't remember doing that at all, but given that I've been flying for over 45 years, yes I am that old though I was pretty young when I first flew to Paris, the odds are pretty good that I must have hopped on a prop plane at some point!

I was fortunate enough to meet and travel with two of Hubby's students and they were seriously the nicest young women. Imagine little me, and I mean that literally as I am just under 5 ft 4 walking with three people who range in height from 5 ft 11 to 6 ft 2!  Yup, I travelled with giants, LOL!

Someone who is not a giant and that we spotted while waiting for our plane in Toronto was Don Cherry and Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada fame! We were reminded of his flamboyant jackets when in the airport in London where he had a jacket he had donated for a charitable cause. I took pictures of Andrea and Brandis with the jacket so they could show their friends and family.

 I did visit a Michaels and two local scrapbook stores while in London and I truly feel sorry for my Canadian scrapbook friends! At this time the Canadian dollar is at par or worth even a touch more than the US dollar, yet an item that costs $1.99 here, was  $4.49 there!  Seriously?  I guess that despite the fact that the item in question was made in China, it must have travelled to the US and then to Canada. 

My biggest disappointment was not finding anything at all in any of the stores that was made in Canada for the Canadian market.  There was one line of stamps in one of the local scrapbook stores, but that was it!  I hope that when I travel in the next year to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec city, that I will be lucky enough to find something different than the big names we are all familiar with, Prima, My Minds Eye, K & Co etc. It is always finding the things I haven't seen first hand that enchants me when I visit a local scrapbook store!

Next I hope to post my "pages" for the March layout class I'm teaching, so please come back soon!

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Melissa said...

Glad you stopped by for an update! LOVE Don Cherry and his zest for life!


Carole RB said...

Bonjour M-C

Maintenant que tu as magasiné dans nos magasins de scrapbooking, tu vas me comprendre quand je dis que je vais magasiner aux USA. Tu risques d'être autant déçue quand tu viendras à Québec ou Montréal...ce sera probablement pire....

Profite bien de la chance que tu as d'avoir autant de choix dans ton coin de pays.

Bonne fin de semaine

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

Tracy said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip here :)

I know it isn't fair that we have to pay the high prices for our craft. That is why I exchanged a load of money (beter then par ;) we are going to Mineapolis and I am hitting all the LSS's there. We do this a few times a year.