Sunday, January 02, 2011

Busy Bee Buzzes In - January 2nd, 2011

Well it has been a few days since I actually wrote anything here, so I thought I'd drop in for a chat tonight! What a holiday season its been! We went down to my mother -in-law's place in North Carolina and got stuck in all that snow! And I mean that literally! While all that snow was beautiful, sliding off the road while backing down a hill in order to get some launching space to get up a huge very steep hill did neither Hubby and I nor the car any good! We had to grab a couple of things out of the car and hike up the hill in order to even get a cell phone signal to call for my two brother-in-laws to come and get us in the 4 wheel drive SUV! That was Christmas morning. The whole bunch of us, 8 adults and 4 kids under 5 ended up suck there for three days! We just about ran out of milk for the babies! For the most part, I've got to admit that I enjoyed the children... alot!!!

 Once we were able to drive out of there, our car started screeching like crazy. We drove for over an hour before we found a place with a mechanic! While they were not able to get the part needed and informed us that we would also need two new tires, they did get us back on the road safely and only charged us $40 despite working for nearly an hour, taking the wheels off and alligning the fron tires!
A call to the dealership revealed that they would have to order the part needed and that the repairs would cost an estimated $670! Merry Christmas folks!
Next one day after getting home I got a cold, so I'm not feeling all that chipper! But I am thrilled! I now have over 100 people subscribing to my YouTube channel!

Marion Smith's 31 Day Challenge -Day1
And I'm doing Marion Smith's 31 days, 31 videos, 31 goals challenges! Here is the 1st one I accomplished, my work of the year layout! You can watch the video and/or the pictures!

If you want to watch Marion's challenge video, you can find it here!

Here are some pictures of the layout:


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

That is a lot of snow!! Sorry about the car repairs, that really stinks! Great lay-out and I love the goals you wrote on your tags... so true!

Monkey Girl said...

Oh goodness about being stuck! Happy to hear that you had a good time though. Hope you feel better soon!!

Tracy said...

I love to be stuck at home in a snow storm, you noticed I said at home and not on the road :)

Carole RB said...

Bonjour M-C

Tu as fait une tr`s belle page d'album.

Bonne semaine!