Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Getting Ready for a Big Make n Take

I am so excited! I'm finally going to go and see Jessie, whom I've known for about 7 years now, but have never had the pleasure of meeting face to face! Jessie has quite the life story to tell and with her permission, I'll share it with you in a couple of weeks!  Hers is a story of courage and perseverance and of her parent's strong faith in the future!

I'll be going down to Glascow, Kentucky the week after Mother's Day and spending Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday with her.  Hubby, will be home grading exams and final term papers.I was thrilled when Jessie asked me if I would teach a class at her local LSS.  However, since I didn't have a budget, nor a number of participants, I decided to teach everyone the one sheet minibook technique that my friend Janie taught me when I was down in Florida in February!.  

The Kitty book is the first one I did when I was at Janie's house in February. I'll be using it as a sample for people to look at. Feel free to click on the pictures to see a full sized versions.

I made the wedding brag book this afternoon as a special gift for Jessie, who is going to be a bridesmaid at a wedding in a few weeks.  She told me that the colors were Black and white with some yellow.  I sure hope that you will like it Jessie!

The participants will be expected to get their own supplies and bring them to the class.  That way they can make any theme book they want!  It should be a blast!  Here is what I used:

- 2 pieces of 3.25x 3.15 cardboard.
- 2 different pattern papers, one double sided for the inside of the book and a different but complementary patterned paper used for the fromt and back covers and to embelish the inside.

- 3 pieces of 8.5 x 11 in cardstock, one each of black, white and yellow. (also used to make the tags for the 3 pockets in the book.

- 24 inches of yellow ribbon (1/2 inch width or smaller)

- 12 inches of black ribbon (1/2 inch width or smaller)

- Double sided strong permanent adhesive or some  fast and clear drying liquid glue, like

- Embellishments, lots of embelishments to suit your theme.

The mini book cover is 3.25  x 3.25 and the inner pages are 3x3.

I sure hope that Jessie and her friends enjoy making their own mini books!


Lynne said...

I love the one sheet mini book. It's easy once you learn the folding and it looks so nice when done.

Marie Laurence said...

Tout est tres beau, comme d'habitude !
Ca va etre super ta viree chez ton amie...passe de bons moments avec elle.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, friendship Corner, The cards are great, the doll house is beginning to take on paint, and I think it should be a 2car garage, bigger room on top LOL. I like the heritage colors. Looking forward to see the room designs later. Love the scrapping ideas.one sheet mini book is a woderful idea...love the desk .....really nice. Arlene Burns, Montreal, Canada

The Memory Keeper said...

Uh oH...I have to make one of these! TFS the pattern, M~C!

The Memory Keeper said...

OH! I really like the way you used both silver and gold...

Anonymous said...

so cute!