Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Value of Charity Crops

Crops are not just a place for scrapbookers to go and enjoy time doing their favorite hobby with other like minded people.  Today we find all sorts of papercrafters at crops, altered artists and card makers abound!

Charity crops are a great way to spend a fun relaxing day with friends, while being an active part of making the world a better place! And to top it offthey are usually, if not always, a terrific bang for your buck!  For a little money you get fed all day, get a great space to create your masterpieces, and are very likely to go home with some free gifts, often, a pretty amazing gift!

Personally I attend and try to promote every charity crop I learn about that I can easily travel to! My life phylosophy is really rather simple. By being born, it is my responsibility to ensure that I leave the world a better place than it was on the day I drew my first breath! Not everything I will do to make that happen is a big thing, and I won't get to see an immediate result everytime I do something positive to make a difference, but attending a charity crop is one fun, cheap way that I nudge the process of a better world along!

So please take a moment and join the Charity Scrapbook Buddies on Facebook.  Take advantage of the crop to post upcomming events and to see if there is a crop available either in your area, or someplace that you are visiting! You won;t be dissapointed and you will make a difference!


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