Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Making Happy with Billy the Cat

Well we've had Billy about 18 hours and so far he is everything we might have hoped for. One of the things we had worried about was having everything clawed and having to deal with that, but I fell in love at the shelter and I frankly didn't care! Imagine my surprise when I got to the vet and this precious kitty turned out to have been declawed by its previous owner! Just another thing I don't have to worry about! I've only had one cat declawed in my whole life, and it is not something I like to have done!

Billy seems to have been trained as a bed cat. In all my days as a cat owner, I've never been able to sleep with a cat except once, when I was at my friend Daria's in Montreal in 1998. One of her cats decided to spend the night sleeping with me, and I loved it. But no other cat managed to be quiet enough to allow me to sleep with them. That is until Billy last night! First, Billy never jumped on my lap during the afternoon yesterday, but as soon as I layed down in bed, he came up, snuggled my hand and flopped down, using my hand as a pillow. During the night, he managed not to wake me, and once when I did wake up he jumped back up onto the bed, almost as if he'd been waiting for my breathing to change. Again he snuggled against me and making sure he was touching my hand went back to sleep. For some reason, I found sleeping next to this cat, very, very relaxing! I'm a very puzzled and happy cat owner this morning, especially since Billy finally did go and get himself scratched by Rick too.


Lynne said...

That's so precious. I'm so glad Billy is fitting in so well.

CathyR said...

Awww, so sweet. I like sleeping next to a cat too. Buddy doesn't do it very often. We used to have a cat named Buster who slept by me every night. He too had to touch my hand or arm.

Enjoy Billy.

Teresa said...

Awww...sooo sweet. Billy is one lucky cat.

Anonymous said...

I think Billy is just what you needed for the new year. You sound so happy


Anonymous said...

Lucky Billy to have you to play with!