Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Much Moving Talk Spoils a Blog, LOL

I was playing around with the different widgets and things you can put on a blog and turned on AdSense, just to see. Well one thing became resoundingly clear, I've been speaking about moving way too much and scrapbooking and cardmaking way too little as all the ads were for moving companies! So I thought I'd share other things here for today! No talk of physio, which I went to this afternoon (haha, snuck that in) and no talk of moving, despite the fact that I spent 6 hours today and even more yesterday emptying boxes, putting up blinds and trying to get my lawn properly watered.

So let me tell you that I've made a new friend named Charlene and that we meet at Archivers, about 35 miles from here once a week. That is way fun as it gets me completely away from the house and does allow me to work on the new baby book for Lil'U the little niece expected next month! As soon as I get the whole book done, I'll scan it, send it off to Hubby's sister, and her handsome, sweet and hugable husband and once they have it in hand, I'll upload it to my webshots gallery and let you all know. I will also be sharing the scrapbook I made for the first expected Lil'U which we thought would be a boy! I'm not sure what to do with that one, now that we know it's a girl rather than the shy boy we were expecting at first!

This week I signed up for 2 card making stamping classes at a stamping store in the area. The store is moving to Florence, KY and they will be in the new store when I go for the classes, August 12th. I've also signed up for a 3 part series of classes based on Tim Holtz style of work. I hope that these classes will stimulate me to use all those stamps I've been collecting for the last dozen or so years.

I did put in and received an order for the latest Slice cards, some of which I have to pack up and ship off to my friend Janie in Fl. I also ordered 12 of the Tim Holtz Ranger fillable pens for each of us. I filled and tried one yesterday afternoon, and it is awesome! The only things to remember are that they only need 3-5 drops on each side of the pen and that they must be stored horizontally for them to work well, not uncommon for markers! Here is another video with Tim showing us how to use the pens. The rage right now is for the Copic pens, but I already had the Ranger alcohol inks and after seeing Tim's video I realized that the Ranger fillable pens would be a much more economical option.

In the same vein of using my alcohol inks and also using my perfect pearl/mica powders, I also got some mini-misters. You can see what Tim is doing with his misters here. I got the mini mister holder, which will allow me to have them stored upright and close by. I can't wait to try this as I suspect that it will mimic the Tattered Anger mists at a much lower price since all I needed were the misters and the holder. As soon as I can sit down, I'll share my own projects with you! I can't wait to be all settled into my craft studio! There are so many ideas in my head!


CathyR said...

Isn't unpacking the worst part of moving? It seems like it takes forever.

Thanks for the links to Tim Holtz's videos. I have a couple of the mini misters and didn't know what to do with them other than putting water in them. I'm going to have to try these new things out.

Take care of yourself.

Lynne said...

ooooh craft talk I like it!

Scraplin said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in and about to get down to some crafting again.! i still like to hear about other stuff too.:)

Kenda said...

Sounds like you are having fun! I am so jealous of the Tim Holtz class! I would love to get some of his fillable pens and the new inks.
Hugs, Kenda

Sandy said...

I love alcohol inks. These markers are exactly what I've been looking for. The copic markers were just not quite right for me. I only bought 3 or 4 of them and I'm glad.
Thanks for the info, M-C.

Glad to see you are starting to settle in and do some crafting.

Barb:o) said...

I look forward to your ideas as I have lost my oomph and need inspiration to get it back. What are copic markers?

Anonymous said...

I am so anxious to receive my markers! Glad to have some craft talk, too, but even more than that, I am thrilled that you have new info on our blog!


ps. I'll say "hello" to Tim (Holtz) for you when I see him for two classes on Saturday (7/25). I have been wanting to meet him since I first heard about him!!