Wednesday, April 08, 2009

On the Road Again

Yup I'm on the road again. I'm writing this watching the Idol Results show from Chatanooga, Tennessee. The picture though is of the bridge that links Newport, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. I took it on a previous trip.

Tomorrow I get to see my future home for myself. I left fairly early today after working really hard for the last week and getting the house ready for strangers to come a looking! My favorite part of the day was definitely Janie's phone call from my house in Florida. Janie went to pick up her mail, which I'd been collecting for her, and make sure that kitty was OK. I really wanted to get her reaction to all the work I'd done and she called me as soon as she walked in the door. What fun it was getting her reactions as she walked throught each room! Thanks Janie for doing a walk through and making sure that everything looked ok!

I have a feeling that I'll be up early in the morning. I'm so excited to see the house! I have, of course, brought some scrapping stuff with me, though I didn't scrap tonight. I'm working on a number of projects including another baby book, this time for Amy and Eli's little one, due in a few months. With the move and all the time it takes away from scrapbooking, I've been working on the book every chance I get. I want to make sure that it is ready as soon as the baby is born.

I've also been working with the new Bo Bunny books, enjoying mixing the different colors! I'll post pictures soon. I just don't have them on this computer right now! More news from greater Cincinnati coming soon! Have a great evening and day and make sure you share a smile with someone new tomorrow!


CathyR said...

Safe travels to you. Enjoy visiting your new home.

Marie Laurence said...

J'ai pense a toi hier, quelle belle journee pour prendre la route. J'espere que ce beau temps t'accompagnera tout ton voyage et sejour la-bas.
Tu vas decouvrir ta nouvelle maison, et cette fois elle ressemblera vraiment a une maison.
Donc ta maison de Riverview est prete, maintenant il ne te reste plus qu'a attendre, en faisant du scrapbook, le jour de ton depart definitif. Ca va etre plus cool !
Bisous et prudence sur la route.

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to inspect...I actually felt a litle snoopy wandering around without you there, but I did NOT look in your medicine cabinet!!!

Glad you made it there safely...hope the inspection tomorrow goes well with no major snafus.


Lynne said...

You sure do get around! I have to admit before I had kids I did too. When my kids are grown I'll probably travel more myself.

Scraplin said...

Glad to hear the latest news M-C! I dont know how you find the time to scrap with allyou have on your list..always looking forward to more house building news..Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

MC..what can I say...Iwas hoping for more pics today, but I am sure you have alot of things to do and very little time to do them. The house is coming up so fast and I am afraid you will be gone before we can realize. Happy Easter and see you soon.