Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Much to Share!

It has been a while since I updated my friends so here goes.

On November 3rd, Rick and I flew to Washington DC so that Rick could go to the AALS meat market. OK well it isn't really a meat market, it's a recruiting conference. But given how things are done and people selected it has always reminded me of the NHL's draft pick extravaganza better known as the NHL meat market in some circles. He had a number of interviews. Unfortunately for me, I was sick for the first few days with a fever of over 100. I couldn't even remember seeing 100 come up on a thermometer in the last few decades!

Once we got home it was time to get ready for the scrapbook class I was teaching today (Nov 15th) at Scraptopia. This was the second time around for this Thanksgiving class. I must say that it was rather flattering that so many people liked the project. However two people wanted kits and being me, I felt it was only right that they get complete directions, which I completed only 5 minutes ago. So now the question became, how to share them? Well seems to me that the best way is to put them online. So if you click here you will be able to see the instructions with pictures.

I am currently working on a perpetual calendar to be given as a class and a Xmas 8x8 wire bound book. I've also completed work on the November Christmas card challenge which I'll upload tomorrow if possible, a number of 6x6 pages for my BIL's birthday and some knitted sweaters. I guess I'm a little busy. In addition, Rick and I will be going to northern Kentucky shortly for an interview. I've driven through there with my son Shaun when we first moved to the US from Canada and found it to be rather nice country. We'll be flying into Cincinnati and renting a car so that I can drive around the area and get a feel for it should we end up moving there.

However until anything concrete happens, I have vowed that I'll keep living as if I were never moving, enjoy the dear friends I've made and continue to have fun. Which reminds me that I'll be going to the Scrapbook Expo on Friday December 5th and scrapping all day. If you are attending the Expo on the Friday, be sure to look for me and my buddy Janie!

More later!


CathyR said...

I like your Thanksgiving book. Very pretty.

Good luck to Rick with the interview. I hope everything works out the way you want it to.

Kenda said...

Lots of luck to Rick with his interview! Big hugs to you, I know it's hard moving so often....Big hugs to you both!

Teresa said...

Good luck and I must say I am a little sad that you may be moving :-(

Your Thanksgiving book is so all of your work...keep it.