Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

How appropriate the song at the top of my list ended up being! Hard to believe, but TLC as a consultant company is no more. Fortunately they still exist as a buyer's club which is really good for those of you who like their products and just want the discount for your personal use. Better still for those of you still interested, the prices have gone down.

For anyone interested, they do have great products and they have lowered the prices. I will continue to sell TLC products as I have accumulated some inventory in preparation for CKC Ft Lauderdale. I need to wait till the dust settles and see what happens with that. For those of you who were in TLC with me, I had a hunch things were not going well, but they had recently started speaking of the new line and shown some samples and I was lured into thinking everything would be all right!

Since buyers clubs are the way to go, I've gone ahead and joined a company that has some of the latest and best items such as Basic Gray, Fancy Pants etc. Bear in mind that this is not a consultant MLM company. Please use my AC Bailey's link when you go over there so that I get the credit for anything you do while there.

For now it's time to do taxes, get ready for the crop I'm vendoring at next weekend in North Tampa, and change the first song to something like We Shall Overcome, LOL! Vroom, vroom, M-C is on the move again!!!


Tabitha said...

I'm really sorry to hear this M-C! Good luck with the vendoring in Tampa.

Melissa O. said...

Just wanted to say hi and I'm off to check out the AC site :) See you on the group

Shannon said...

I'm sorry to hear about TLC. You have been so involved and excited about it. I did check out you web store and it's look great. We've done out taxes already. I'm so glad to have them out of the way. It's always a headache.

Scraplin said...

Sorry to hear this news M-C. I hope you can sell some of your inventory at CKC. Good luck with AC!