Friday, February 08, 2008

Around San Francisco

Strange things are happening at the San Francisco Zoo! There were no big cats to be seen, there were extra fences erected so that we could not get close to the actual viewing areas, and there were all sorts of signs explaining the expected behavior.

We all know that this is the result of the terrible tragedy that happened just recently. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the fact that when agitated the tigers could get out was well known amongst the keepers. Let's just say that this is a beautiful zoo and that one can only hope that the will find a workable solution that will not keep children and adults alike from being able to enjoy watching the animals feed, sleep and play.

No matter what, the visit at the zoo was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. What visit to San Francisco is complete without a ride on a cable car ot a look at the Pacific.

It's been a wonderful few days and I must thank my hosts and especially the "Captain" who drove me all around town showing me the different neighborhoods and sites, and made sure that didn't get into too much trouble! I hope to make it back again with hubby in tow.

Stay tuned for my reports from Anaheim and the 2008 CHA Winter show!